«I think, play is the most serious thing in the world»
Jacques-Yves Cousteau

As we are taught by developmental neurobiology, play is the supreme discipline of learning for two main reasons: first, because in play perception happens holistically through all human senses simultaneously and second, because enthusiasm and fun are always part of the game. Positive emotions such as enthusiasm and joy are prerequisites for persistent learning achievements.

«Grass doesn‘t grow faster if you pull it.»
African proverb

My first and foremost aim is, that your child’s attendance at MeisterKids is coined by pleasure and enthusiasm. I would like to avoid any kind of activities, which do not match with these premises. At MeisterKids your child shall be supported and promoted in pursuing exiting and joyful activities. In this context I see my personal role in channeling the children’s attention towards required learning objectives. I m deeply convinced, that nobody knows better what and when to most easily learn, then the child itself. As experience shows, children also know best in which sequence and at which speed they can learn most successfully. From us as adults, this demands merely a bit of patience and finally rewarding confidence in the child.

Entrusting your child to MeisterKids means that it will primarily
learn, what it is ready to learn and not what we as adults think that it shall learn. The success of MeisterKids in that the kids are generally well achieving all learning requirements, is the best evidence for my conviction. Along these lines, I would like to encourage you to trust your child with the required patience and serenity.

Cordially, Priska Knöri